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The school is a minute away from the north exit of Yoyogi Uehara Station which is on the Odakyu line and the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line. The school is very close to the station so even on rainy days you are able to get to the school without getting too wet.


  • Once you’ve exited the ticket barriers continue straight on and go down the first set of stairs. To your right should be a supermarket and to your left should be Burger King.

  • Go down the second set of stairs on your left and then turn right. You should be outside the station with a Family Mart right in front of you.

  • Turn right and continue walking.

  • After walking for a few seconds there should be a松屋-Matsuya on your left.

  • ​Language Studio·Maru is on the 4th floor of the building next to 松屋-Matsuya. Once you walk into the building there will be stairs in front of you. Take the stairs up to the 4th floor.

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