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Language Studio·Maru was established in 2007 mainly for the purpose of providing private lessons. While private lessons are the main focus, you are more than welcome to study with friends or family members providing that the other student/students are of the same level.


While there is only one teacher and the school may be small, this allows for prices to be kept low while keeping the quality of the lessons high. Since its establishment, Language Studio·Maru has been fortunate enough to be a part of many students’ language learning journey.​


Unfortunately, there are no magic tricks when it comes to studying a language and so you must be prepared to study independently and consistently in order to improve. Learning a language requires you to study grammar, learn new words etc. and being able to do this independently is important. That being said, you are not alone. With very easy to understand explanations, a practical approach and effective homework, Language Studio·Maru is here to support you and help you stay motivated on your language journey.


Language Studio·Maru also offers Skype lessons.The fee of a Skype lesson is the same as a face to face lesson. People residing outside of Japan are also welcome, providing that a suitable time can be arranged.


​Language Studio·Maru also welcomes mothers who have small children but would still like to study. While unfortunately there isn’t someone present to specifically look after small children, you are more than welcome to bring your child to the lesson. 50 minutes of just sitting down might be tedious for a child, so please feel free to bring toys that your child likes. I’m certain that seeing mummy working hard and studying will be a positive and a memorable experience.

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