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Meet Tsue Manriki

The teacher of Language Studio·Maru, Tsue Manriki, has been involved in the teaching of Japanese for numerous years. Throughout those years she has helped children, students studying in Japan, housewives and working people with their language needs.


While working at a Japanese school with bigger classes about 15 years ago she realized how difficult it was to address each students’ individual needs. As a result of that she created Language Studio·Maru.


​Whether you want to focus of Kanji, or for those who have just arrived in Japan - basic conversation, passing the JLPT, or just improving your Japanese as a whole, whatever your needs and aims are we can tackle them together.


Oh hi!


I’m Language Studio·Maru’s Welcome Ambassador, Kaho.


Let’s study Japanese together.

When you come to Language Studio·Maru I’ll show you my ball. It's pretty great. But just look!


... you can’t play with it.  


​I look forward to meeting you all.

  *If you are not comfortable with dogs, please inform me in advance.

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